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May 03, 2010

Jen Draney

This post is dedicated to the enigma that is our friend Jen Draney. We have had a divine day shopping, eating crepes, visiting the bridal salon and soaking in Harajuku, Omotesando and Shibuya together. Bring on the wedding already because I can't wait to see all our nearest and dearest stuffing themselves with cake and celebrating our new lives in Japan!


  1. awww you guys are the best!! you guys are going to be a very difficult thing to leave behind in japan!! I'm so grateful that I made amazing friends in you two!! I'm so excited for you two to get married...and become one, in that amazing shirt we found! hahaha! But really you guys are so perfect for each other and compliment each other perfectly! Can't wait to spend more time together!!!!! Today was a blast as always!!

  2. Ag a nee man! What a cute picture of the 3 of you :) xxxxx

  3. being called an enigma. is that a good thing joey. i'd hate to think about what you call me =) hen party soon way-hey!!!

  4. Of course meant in the mysterious sense for Jen. She'll surprise you and mystify you when you meet at the wedding :) In a good way I'm sure. She'll be part of the bouquet runners. Actually you three girls are flower-competitors I believe ;P


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