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March 26, 2015

Toda Design | Japanese English Picture Dictionary

With the Sakura viewing gearing up, so is the start of a new Japanese school year 2015. With the usual towel stack for the kids to label,  I have been out and about in the stores, gathering elastic, name tags  and permanent markers for clothes. I went so far as to break out the sewing machine for those darned iron-on labels that have no intention of lasting through the year of daily washing ahead.

With the kids all in school this year, so the motivation to study Japanese is rekindled. Trips to the library in search of Japanese children's books have been a great motivator in this endless journey of language acquisition and I love the Japanese-English Picture dictionary by Toda Design that they have in Yurindo at the moment. This Japanese to English picture dictionary is available online.

The Japanese words are palatable, broken up into chunks by simple, bright illustrations. Just really do-able you know, between cups of coffee and the regular work day.

March 23, 2015

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Japan | Affordable Interior Design

This weekend saw our first visit to Flying Tiger Copenhagen Japan store in Yokohama. What a technicolor, energized experience. From basket pickup to counter checkout we were drawn in by the bright prints, select novelty gifts and customizable kids toys. A few of the products echoed creative Japanese designs that I have seen before but at a much cheaper price. At checkout I had some Japanese craft supplies for the little one and some gifts from Japan for international shipping.

I have been mentally gearing up for Easter 2015 and have followed the Tiger Stores Pinterest page which is a welcome splash of colour to my dashboard. There I spotted a lettuce umbrella, the kids sticker book of vegetable faces and the smart storage coat hooks which  fell in love with on the spot. I have been looking for a retro coat hook for the back of the door for ages and to get one with space for eight was a treat. I managed to bypass the huge tin of Danish cookies at the checkout which was rewarded with an Almond Milk and Honey Frappucinno from the Starbucks next door. If that doesn't allude to Easter, I don't know what does.

March 16, 2015

MTG | Japanese Beauty Rollers

Before moving to Japan I was always aware of Japanese beauty products and their ability to tap into the most innovative of trends and technology. With magazines on hand full of Japanese beauty secrets and tips on how to achieve a flawless skin akin to a modern-day geisha, I soon started following Japanese beauty blogs and buying all sorts of Japanese beauty products I saw on those. These days between my day-to-day activities I love to chill back with a chu-hi and see what sasakiasahi has been up to while applying a collagen face mask complete with cellophane wrap!

This weekend while out and about with the family we got to try out MTG Japanese beauty rollers. I used to use a Jade beauty roller hailed as an ancient beauty secret but unfortunately it was stolen on my recent holiday to Thailand, so needs replacing. I love the look of the platinum electric roller or ReFa PRO by MTG. It promises to mimic the low electric current present on our skins surface which is responsible for maintaining a beautiful condition and addresses things like smile lines and sagging which sounds like the wunderkind of face care. The cherry on top is that it is solar powered and waterproof - could see me toting this along on my next onsen visit!

March 12, 2015

Graniph and Ojico | Japanese tshirts for kids

With Spring 2015 coming into its own, so has the range of tshirts for the Japanese youth to wear, along with their siblings and parents.

With a name synonymous with cool design and Japanese slick, Design Tshirts Store Graniph has put out some of the cutest kids tshirts this season.

Another cool Japanese design brand this season is Ojico. Particularly sweet are their sibling pair-looks. One such pair look tshirt has the kids create the length of a Japanese bullet train (Shinkansen) between them, or has them showcase a toppling tower of Daruma dolls. They have some cute Daruma rattles and baubles too for kids under the age of 1. A great Japanese souvenir or gift for friends with kids. 

I hope to get the kids into one of these combos come spring! One shirt that would be perfect for my son who lives to eat and never stops moving would be this athletic ITADAKIMASU (let's eat) tshirt! 

March 10, 2015

Une Nana Cool | What Japanese Bra Size?

With a shift to Spring comes a chance to do an underwear makeover. I have been a loyal fan of the Japanese underwear brand, Une Nana Cool since converting my usual bra size to a Japanese bra size using this bra size converter. If in doubt I have found this article useful. It was not as difficult as I thought to find underwear in a Japanese brassiere company that would cater to my chest once I knew my dimensions. What I like about this range is that I found their cut true to size and the modern simple cut and cheerful design is typical of cute Japanese underwear without the overkill. I have always liked a bit of lace and floral with a cotton structure to up the comfort factor.

Now, as I clear out my maternity and nursing underwear I am filing the void with Urban Bohemian floral and sherbert Cosmic Flower hues for Spring from Une Nana Cool.

March 08, 2015

Good Luck Trip Japan | Travel Japan Application

There is never a moment that I am not living minute to minute with kids underfoot. Even the best laid plans are subject to change at the last minute due to long queues at museums in Tokyo, or hunger pangs   once near the front. However a free application that has made navigating the city of Tokyo and Yokohama easily has been Good Luck Trip Japan

They have been listed under Origami Living LINKS for quite some time now on Origami Living before I realised they had this handy mobile application too. I have now included a banner to the front of the site for easy access. GOOD LUCK TRIP is a free e-magazine with all the latest sightseeing information for Japan for travelers from all over the world focusing mainly on visitors from countries in East Asia. 

Whether you are searching for what to do in Japan in April or what to do in Japan for a week, this is a cute way to navigate the sprawling city. The Tokyo savvy application recently recommended J-Period, an interior goods and gift store which is right up my alley. Looking forward to visiting the store on my next visit to Shibuya.

Distribution list. Where you can pick up a copy of Good Luck Trip inside and outside of Japan.

March 06, 2015

Midori Japan | Cute Japanese Stationery

A Japanese design stationery company at the forefront of eco friendly innovation and cute Japanese stationery, Midori always stocks the cutest back to school supplies which is in good timing with the start of the school year in April. I picked up some of their environmentally conscious stationery just this week.

With reading to the kids at night I often need to pick up where we left off from the night before, for some of the longer chapter-books. This is where a paper clip or bookmark comes in handy. What I like about the P-51 paperclips, made from paper I might add, is that they are fun for the kids with their cute animal designs and don't fall out easily once they find the page. This is handy while juggling the baby, as I can get my older son to handle the page flipping alone. They are available in eight animal designs and six assorted colours. Each pack contains 18 clips.

I picked up a pack from Yurindo.

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