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April 03, 2014

Tokyo to London 2014

As the Sakura Snow takes effect we are packing ahead of a trip to London. Hanami picnics have been a mighty rushed affair this year with the early blooming and the heavy rain, so I feel lucky to have caught the best of the blossoms, sampled the pink delights synonymous with the Spring season in Japan and to now jet off before experiencing the sludge of trodden blooms.

Tama Plaza in full bloom is always a treat to behold and I searched today hoping to find my painter friend capturing it's glory. While I didn't come away with any if his paintings, I did find a few seasonal Sakura jellies, Sakura Mojito and picked up my new shades from Zoff. There is a wonderful new little shop in Tama Plaza terrace selling regional goods and the kokeshi and matrioshka origami paper had me sold! 

Follow us in London! 

March 30, 2014

Zoff | Spring Shades

The sakura season is synonomous with warm days and rain showers and full carparks. I was pleasantly surprised that my eye checkup at Zoff (ゾフ) was a swift affair and that the longest part was waiting for the parking. Once checked and frames selected (the optician spoke fabulous English), I  promised to pick the glasses up later this week and that was that.

Super light and larger frames than I've had before, I chose pink/brown medium sized frames from the the Zoff 'Smart' range… one can pretend…

March 28, 2014

Every Child is an Artist | Melamine v. Tatami

I'd hoped never to discourage a budding artist in the midst of an artwork. I'd also hoped not to put material possessions before creativity, but come on, it was inevitable. I freshly laid out pastel set. The lure of the naked canvas of a tatami-room door. How could I have been so naive.

In any case the artist's scribblings have been dealt with in the most deft way I knew how. Anyone familiar with the delicate, gauze-like paper covering of Japanese doors and walls, knows to approach any cleaning with a a tender hand. Coupled with a white melamine sponge and applying the pressure of a gnat, I was pleased with the result. While not completely invisible, it will hopefully remind the budding artist to keep his scrawling to the notepad.

Every Child is an Artist 

March 24, 2014

Origami Zoo | Kids Playroom

Just ahead of a trip to London, I am having a ball collecting ideas and planning the transformation of our tatami playroom into a colourful delight. Reading corners, decal stickers and origami inspiration all combined into one - I need look no further than this fabulous Origami Zoo Wall Decal. A nod to Japan as well as an animal obsession that looks set to stay a while - the search stops here.

March 06, 2014

BBC's Hairy Bikers in Japan

To break the silence here, we are waiting in anticipation for the unveiling of the Hairy Bikers trip to Japan last year, as Tak had the opportunity to meet them. Viewable tonight in the UK on BBC2 we'll catch up with it in the morning Japan-time and match it with a cup of English Breakfast for the occasion. Oh how we live on the wild side here in Yokohama! Now with the Spring in my step I do believe that my fingers are defrosting from a lengthy winter and I shall be updating more regularly.

January 09, 2014

The Age of Ginger

I cannot help to be a little obsessive about ginger, perhaps not in bathsalt form, as is so popular during winter here, but as a drink, a dessert or a sweet - I'm sold.

I have stashes of these Muji sweets in my tote at the ready! 

January 07, 2014

Origami Horse 2014

Tama plaza always has incredible decorations as the seasons and their accompanying festivities come and go. I was last snapping pictures of tea light reindeer and frosted trees in the station mall so you can imagine my delight at the  model of an Origami horse to celebrate 2014 as year of the horse.

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