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May 01, 2015

A Japanese Lifestyle in London | Japanese 2015 Roundup

If you are on the lookout or some Japanese Products in London, you are bound to find something familiar in these shops.

Japan Centre

Minamoto Kitchen 

Chash Tea


Having just bought the little man an easel and an artists pallet for his upcoming birthday, there are also plenty of Origami, Calligraphy and Art Supplies in London at the stores to follow.

London Graphic Centre

Dover Books 

As yet I have a full schedule with the kids, but for those of you looking for something cultural, here are some Japanese Art Exhibitions in London.

The Japan Society

Japanese Roof Garden at SAOS

Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

The Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries at the British Museum

Toshiba Gallery at the V&A

We are too busy eating our weight worth of Greek, Mediterranean and South African foods to enjoy the Japanese Restaurants in London, but if you are more sushi and tempura inclined, these come highly recommended!





ENJOY your your Japanese London!

April 30, 2015

Rokkaku Ayako | Child-like Japanese Pop Art

The video of Japanese artist Rokkaku Ayako trickled into my consciousness this week. Sandwiched between overseas travel and articles awaiting edits, the dreamy music paired with her child-like paintings entranced me. Blame it on a week of UK Spring rain or that Japanese Mothers Day (May 10) is fast approaching, I have been in need of a colour injection, and even better, a handcraft to keep the kids engaged while we are on holiday with the UK family.

April 20, 2015

2015 Website Roundup | Japanese Wooden Furniture

It was a year to the day that we bought our wooden diningroom table. After months of indecision and research we ended up with a solid piece of wooden furniture to eat on, draw on (lord help my nerves), sew on, work on, sleep on... you name it. Being the place where our family gathers and shares their day, I wanted it to be perfect and be something that we could spend hours at. With a promise to outlast us all I put rest to the search and called it a day this time last year. 

For those of you still on the hunt for quality wooden furniture in Japan I leave you with my list of Japanese furniture design stores. Although the we did a hunt online I did make a visit to the store to ensure its quality. I cannot stress enough - you get what you pay for in the Hapanese furniture business. However some of the more expensive pieces were way overpriced for the quality so do your research in store if you can. 

April 14, 2015

Bremen Flowers | Flower Arrangement School in Yokohama

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful residential neighborhood of Tama Plaza in Yokohama, Bremen Flowers offers flower arrangement lessons in English. Famous for creating wedding bouquets and producing intricate floral arrangements, one can learn the art of floral arrangement in Yokohama, Japan.

April 13, 2015

Noda Horo | Tsukiusagi Japanese Slim Pot

Tsukiusagi (Moon Rabbit) is a Japanese brand founded in 1926 and has found pride of place in many a Japanese home. Nodo horo, a company specialising in enamelware production, continues to handcraft these pots in Japan. Designed by internationally lauded Japanese product designer Yamada Komin, we are a little obsessed with a perfect morning drip-coffee now that our filter coffee machine is leaking and generally misbehaving.

Tsuki Usagi Jirushi Brand’s Slim Pot features a thin spout, designed to provide the best way of pouring coffee. The curved shape of the spout is carefully designed to control the stream of pouring water. You can pour hot water from a higher point and create a thinner stream of water, which is important in making the perfect cup of Japanese drip coffee. That, and that it keeps the water below boiling point which is another secret in Club Caffeine.

The colour of choice to add life to our retro coffee time experience is red, what is yours? 

April 08, 2015

Artkive | Saving kids artworks

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to deal with the stack of artworks that have recently been arriving home in a constant stream. Upon joining a Japanese daycare a few years ago. I am thankful to the Japanese teachers who collated their Japanese season and festival inspired art into an annual book. It is most probably because of this, that I have only just now bought the Artkive App to cut down on the creative drawings brought home each day from the new daycare.

Artkive kids art-saving application is simple to use and it doesn't take long to enter the kids details and to take pictures  of the kids' art. It is handy that you can back-date the photos so that I can go back and capture all the Japanese school's annual albums that the teachers had made of arts and craft time The pictures are then stored in the cloud and can be printed as a book rather seamlessly. What art I don't capture with Artkive and then throw away ends up on younger brother's wall - the ultimate exhibit space to an adoring fan. Older brother is very proud to see his artworks alongside the Studio Ghibli drawings. 

April 05, 2015

SOU SOU UNIQLO | Japanese Print Design

You know when you are spending Easter weekend, late on a Saturday night, elbow deep in the bargain bin at Uniqlo, you have a child going to daycare. The fact that we were there on a Saturday night might be sad enough but we were not alone and the buzz for the Disney design t-shirts and sweats were beaten hands down my a rack of SOU SOU x Uniqlo collaboration designs for ladies and men.

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